Why I’m a chiropractic patient for life  

I’ve done a lot of damage to my body; gardening, moving, sports and car accidents have all taken their toll. I’d heard chiropractic was helpful, so I would go when my neck or back flared up, or when something new happened. Once I felt better, I’d say “thank you!” and I was out of there.

It wasn’t until I was trying to recover from stress-induced chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia that I experienced the difference that a “custom” atlas adjustment could make. Not only did I feel better, I had more energy, I could exercise, I could make plans and know I’d be able to follow through.

That’s when the neurological connection between chiropractic care and the overall functioning of the body really clicked for me. When I’m out of alignment, I feel it: my energy dips, I get cranky and achey and stiff, and I’m more prone to colds. So I go to my chiropractor on a regular basis.

Why I’m a chiropractor  

The combination of upper cervical and other low-force chiropractic techniques, nutrient-dense foods, soft tissue therapy, and exercise-based rehab changed my life. Now I have the privilege of working with other people in need of change. Sometimes it’s a simple course of adjustments, sometimes it’s a little more complicated. Some patients come for a short period; other patients are managing chronic issues with a more regular schedule of care.

I try to keep things simple, and I try to address what matters most, first. When someone entrusts me with their body, it’s always a dialogue and a partnership. The goal? for you to live a happy, productive life, and enjoy being on the planet.

Professional Qualifications

BS, University of Texas at Austin

DC, Sherman College of Chiropractic (magna cum laude)

Board certified, Atlas Orthogonal technique

Continuing chiropractic education & training:

  • Activator technique
  • Extremity adjusting
  • Sacro-occipital technique
  • Directional Non-Force technique
  • Low force mobilization
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Fascial manipulation (Stecco Method Levels I and II)
  • RockTape

Dr. Winters is the best! A caring, knowledgeable professional of the highest ethics.
- Marcia M.

In addition to my neck issues, Dr. Winters has also successfully treated me for lower back problems... I would recommend anyone with neck or back issues pay her a visit.
- Lou K.

Thank you for caring so much about my well-being and the well-being of so many others.
- June S.