Atlas Orthogonal Care


We are taught so little about how our bodies actually work, that the effect of adjusting the first cervical vertebra can seem unlikely.  And yet, Atlas Orthogonal can make an amazing difference for a patient with low back pain – as well as for a patient with migraines or whiplash or TMJ.  Everything in the body really is connected.  The right kind of adjustment in the right place can help unravel old damage, and help the body heal itself.

Atlas Orthogonal care (orthogonal just means “at right angles”, ie, level, centered, and balanced) is based on your individual anatomy.

FrontalAnalysisxrayAnalysis of the preliminary X-rays shows me exactly how to adjust a patient; after the first adjustment, I take a follow-up X-ray to determine exactly what degree of change we accomplished.  That allows me to “tweak” any of the adjustment settings in future, so you get the best possible adjustment I can deliver.

For more in-depth information, here is a link to the Atlas Orthogonal technique website:

The adjustment itself is very gentle - always a surprise to people!

I first started having migraines as a teenager, and would have one at least every two weeks. Since I've been seeing Dr. Winters, I rarely have migraines and they are not nearly as bad. Now when I have a headache, the atlas orthogonal adjustment takes care of it.
- Paula J.