Ergonomic Assessment

The world we inhabit is designed for a hypothetical average body most of us don’t have.  So you may be working at a desk that’s too high with a computer monitor – or worse, a laptop – that’s too low.  Your car seat may be too far back.  Your mattress might be too hard for you – or worse, too soft.  All these factors, and many more, play into the structural load we put on our bodies.

And most of us also get sloppy from time to time – walk into any Starbuck’s and I guarantee you, you will see some appalling ergonomics.  I love helping patients with these kinds of issues: they’re not necessarily easy to identify or change, but they can have a huge positive impact on your energy and well-being.

Recently I was involved in an automobile accident. Dr. Winters has gone above and beyond to insure my complete recovery.
-Marilyn K.