Payment Options

Cash, check, Visa or MasterCard cheerfully accepted.  You are also welcome to use your HSA or debit card.

For families who come on the same day, I offer a 10% discount for the second family member.  For a mother and child, that means there is 10% off the office visit for the child.  This only applies to patients who are not paying with an insurance plan, and is limited to a family party of three.

For existing patients, I check children under 8 at no charge.  These visits cannot, however, be scheduled during high traffic, late afternoon hours.


If you are a Medicare subscriber, please bring your Medicare ID and your secondary insurance card.  I am a non-participating provider.  You are responsible for the full office visit fee, and I will file the paperwork for you.

Some services will definitely not be covered by Medicare, and may or may not be covered by your secondary insurance.  Please be advised that Medicare will only cover spinal adjustments. Medicare will not cover exams, x-rays, soft tissue work, etc.

All other insurance plans

Your insurance provider should cover part or all of our services. We will provide you with a super-bill in the event you want to file for reimbursement with non-Medicare insurance.


I want to tell everyone how much Dr. Margaret Winters has helped me. Before I came to Great River Chiropractic, I could barely walk and I could only stand for 2 or 3 minutes. After 5 visits I am walking blocks instead of steps and I can stand long periods of time without any back pain. I have been to chiropractors in the past but none of them did as thorough an evaluation or were as gentle as Dr. Winters.
- Nancy G.