Do you have…

  1.      Inability to turn your head equally to the right and left?
  2.      Inability to tilt your head equally towards each shoulder?
  3.      Persistent neck &/or shoulder pain (especially at the end of a work or school day)?
  4.      Pain or discomfort when you tilt your head all the way back?
  5.      Frequent headaches or migraines?
  6.      Numbness or tingling in your fingers?
  7.      Inability to keep your arms raised over head for more than a moment or two?
  8.      Is your head consistently tilted to one side in photographs?
  9.      Problems sleeping?
  10.      Back or neck pain when you cough, sneeze, laugh or bear down to clear your bowel?
  11.      Back or neck pain when you bend forward or back?
  12.      Check in the mirror: is one shoulder higher than the other?
  13.      Constipation?
  14.      Pain or discomfort going up or down stairs?
  15.      Pain in your buttocks that may travel down the back of your thigh (or further?)?
  16.      Heavy or irregular menses?
  17.      Is one foot flared out more than the other?
  18.      Is the outer heel of one shoes more worn than the other?
  19.      Do you tend to shift from one foot to the other when standing in line?
  20.      A history of “fender-benders” or athletic injuries?
If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, your body is giving you a warning signal. It’s important to pay attention to this kind of warning! All of these issues and more can be addressed with chiropractic care. Click here to schedule a consultation.

I have struggled most of my life with pain from fibromyalgia and from my neck and spine. Having Dr. Winters treat my atlas has made a huge improvement in my quality of life.
- Marilyn K.