Nutritional Support

We all know how we “should” be nourishing ourselves; the truth is we can’t.

Even if it were possible to eat a purely organic diet, we are still under massive stress every day of our lives.  The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat – these are essential to our health, and all of them are degraded or compromised.  And the tools and toys we depend on – our cars, our computing devices, our televisions – add to the stress load we carry.  So even the health-conscious among us are fighting an uphill battle, from childhood onwards.

I now routinely test tissue calcium in my chiropractic patients, and almost without exception, people are showing significant deficits – just in this one vital area.  I am a big advocate of whole food-based nutrition, and that is the place to start.  But you can’t eat enough deep leafy greens, or beets, or broccoli, or cod liver oil to address the kinds of deficits that are eroding people’s ability to flourish and enjoy their lives.

That’s why, after a lot of observation and thinking and research, I now integrate nutritional testing and supplementation in my practice.  My job is to help you identify what factors are important for you, and to collaborate with you on a workable plan to address them.

It’s not just about what you need, it’s also about what makes the best sense for you.

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I started working with Dr. Margaret Winters in June of 2009. I was experiencing chronic bowel issues. Through regular visits and changes to my diet, I am now healthy and balanced.
- Kathy S.