Postural Rehab

“Stand up straight!”  “Stop slouching!”  We’ve all heard it – and a fat lot of good that ever did.  Why does one person have an upright, open, balanced and relaxed posture, while another person’s posture is collapsed and distorted?

Collapsed postures are common mal-adaptations to poor circumstances.  Here are the factors that commonly need to be addressed:

  • Awareness – getting the mind back in the body!
  • Alignment – removing structural impediments with chiropractic adjustments
  • Imbalances – identifying and re-training muscle failures with simple rehab in the office and at home
  • Ergonomics – improving the functional environment

Postural change is possible, and it’s absolutely life-changing!  The benefits?

  • Improved oxygen and blood supply throughout the body
  • Free circulation of cerebro-spinal and lymphatic fluid
  • Uninterrupted neurological messaging
  • Less fatigue, more strength & endurance!

For years I have always been looking for relief from the pain in my spine. Well, I have finally found it with the help from Dr. Winters.
- Joan R.