Here’s the premise behind the products I use with patients.  If a product doesn’t serve the clinical goals you and I have agreed upon, I am not going to recommend it to you.  If we are working with limited financial resources, we will decide together on the best choices for you.  And I do my best to find the best products and companies to work with.


Sadly, most supplements in the marketplace are worthless.  WalMart’s bottom line is their bottom line, not your health, and that is the case for most places that stock vitamins.

Sourcing of ingredients is incredibly important, as is the formulation: how the ingredients are processed and combined.  My bottom line is how they work in your body, and whether they make the specific difference you and I are looking for.

Standard Process and MediHerb have superlative products, and are a first choice in my practice.  I also like certain formulations from Anabolic Labs.  Some of my criteria for choosing these are: am I going to use them myself?  are they affordable?  are they made from food, or constructed in a lab?