Soft Tissue

Every one of us has felt sticky knots and persistent aches in our muscles.  Sometimes it’s the neck and shoulders: maybe it was caused by your posture or working ergonomics, or sometimes you just slept in an awkward position.  Or maybe you had a hard workout or did a lot of gardening, and now you have a nagging muscle ache in your low back.

It can be hard to know whether you simply have a muscle spasm, or a misalignment of your joints, or both.  What I’ve found in my practice is that often both the joints and the soft tissue (muscles, fascia, ligaments and tendons) need to be addressed.  Then the body can heal properly, without snarls of scar tissue that are prone to future re-injury.

I routinely do certain kinds of soft tissue work in my practice, and I have long-standing relationships with a number of massage therapists.  It’s all about finding the right mix – what is going to help you heal well, and as quickly as you can.

I also have certifications in the following techniques:

My head feels 10 pounds lighter; it's no longer hurting my neck.
- Shirley T.