We celebrate the heart in February because of Valentine’s Day, but every month is heart month!  Here’s a great list of heart-loving foods that Stephen Sinatra, MD likes, and you will too!


Rich in folic acid, vitamin C, and glutathione precursors, for antioxidant protection.


A healthy monosaturated fat with lots of vitamin E and glutathione.


Contains many important flavonoids, especially quercetin, to support immune function & prostate health – try sliced raw onions in salad!


One of nature’s best sources of calcium, it’s important for lung & heart health – plus, it contains lutein, which helps prevent macular degeneration.

Wild blueberries

A brain boosting food, blueberries help neurons communicate as well as supporting the eye retina and macula.

Pomegranate juice

A powerful antioxidant, it helps protect against plaque formation in both the arteries and heart.

Free-range buffalo

With minimal saturated fat, free-range, grass-fed buffalo is a great source of both protein and omega-3s.

Wild Alaskan salmon

An excellent protein source and super rich in the carotenoid astaxanthin.  50 times more powerful than vitamin E, it helps prevent lipid peroxidation and assists in vital DNA repair.


The sulfur compounds in broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables, are both cancer-protective and support healthy detoxification.  Fantastic paired with fresh garlic and olive oil.


Another wonderful monosaturated fat, almonds contain gamma tocopherol, which helps prevent damage to the cell wall membrane.


It isn’t just for sushi anymore.  With all 56 minerals, plus natural iodine, this is a must for a healthy thyroid gland.  Also rich in magnesium and chlorophyll.


There is no end to garlic’s virtues: it is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal.  Whole baked cloves lower blood pressure and cholesterol naturally, but also help the body detoxify from heavy metals (especially mercury).

An added bonus: not only are these delicious, foods that are good for your heart are great for your brain!  As always, buy and eat organic foods whenever you possibly can.

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