Anti-oxidant & anti-aging; neuro-protective; anti-cancer; supports digestion; heart protective; nutrient dense; healthy fiber


Healthy monosaturated fat; contains lots of vitamin E and glutathione


Cancer-protective; supports methylation and healthy detoxification

Coconut oil

Excellent source of healthy medium chain fatty acids; easily metabolized; anti-viral & anti-bacterial


Perfect protein source; contain all 9 essential amino acids; excellent source of choline, essential for brain & cardiovascular function

Green leafy vegetables

Nutrient-rich; promote bile secretion & healthy digestion; boost gut-based immunity; detoxifying; reduce sugar cravings; stimulates metabolism

Wild salmon

Excellent protein source; super rich in astaxanthin; helps prevent lipid peroxidation; assists in vital DNA repair


Anti-inflammatory; anti-cancer; anti-depressant; helps regulate blood sugar; heart & gut protective
Best as food, with fat for optimal absorption


Highest in Omega-3 fats of any nut; nutrient rich; excellent source of manganese

Dark chocolate

Promotes micro-circulation; anti-oxidant, mineral rich; heart protective; improves mood

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