When we talk about “feeding” our skin, most of us think of creams and lotions – but what we eat has a huge impact on the health of our skin.  It’s easy to forget that our skin is a living, breathing organ!  In fact, it’s the biggest organ we have, and we depend on it in more ways than one.  

Not only does your skin protect you, it helps regulate your temperature and eliminates toxins, it absorbs moisture and other nutrients…it even feeds information about the world around you directly to your brain!  

Here are ten delicious foods and fluids that can help ensure your skin has a fabulous time this summer!

A gift of the tropics, guava has 5 times the Vitamin C of oranges.  And Vitamin C-rich foods are full of anti-oxidants, which help produce collagen and protect the skin.

Sweet Potatoes
The bold orange of sweet potatoes comes from the phytonutrient beta-carotene which converts to Vitamin A and helps to counter sunburn.  You can even use sweet potatoes on sunburned skin to cool the burn!

Green Tea
Did you know that you can reuse your green teabag to cool off a sunburn?  It works internally as well, by promoting DNA repair.and reducing inflammation.  There’s just no end to the health benefits of green tea.

Long used in skin scrubs, oatmeal can be mixed with water and spread on sunburnt skin to reduce heat and soother the ache.  Among other benefits, as part of your diet, oatmeal helps stimulate T-cell production, keeping your immune system healthy.  

Cooling and refreshing, cucumber helps the body to produce collagen – the main structural protein in your skin.  Don’t skip the skin!  It contains silica, which firms and tightens our outer layer.

A summer favorite, the red color in tomatoes comes from lycopene, an anti-oxidant that protects the skin from sun damage.  

Primarily water, this melon is also rich in  skin-healthy Vitamins A, B6 and C.  Another lycopene-rich food, watermelon also contains the amino acid arginine – a key player in promoting healthy blood flow and building protein.

 Beta-carotene to the rescue!  Like sweet potatoes, the deep orange of carrots signals a wealth of skin protective phytonutrients.  

Always in the Top Ten – for skin health, and general health, nothing beats water.   Try it infused with lemon slices and a sprig of mint!

If you’re headed to the beach this summer, put these on your shopping list.  And if you do get a sunburn (or really want to make sure you don’t get one!) , see me for a bottle of Cataplex F!  It counters the effect of excess Vitamin D by moving calcium back from the bloodstream into the body’s tissues.

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