I have always liked the idea of radishes more than the fact of radishes.  They look so colorful in salads, and they’re so good for us… but I’m a sweet tooth girl, and I just never really warmed up to radishes of any variety. 

Until this technique crossed my path.  And it’s so simple!  My world has changed…


– Slice a 4-6″ piece of daikon radish as thin as you can (a mandolin is helpful but not at all necessary)
– Spread in as few layers as possible in a shallow dish. Sprinkle generously with Ume Plum vinegar*, cover with a flat dinner plate, and let rest 10 minutes.  Stir and turn the radishes, cover, and let them rest a few minutes more. 
– Delicious on salads or as a side garnish.

*Available at most health food stores or in the international section of a regular grocery store. 

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