Lost sight of your libido?  Don’t despair.  This isn’t uncommon, and it can be fixed!

Your sex drive is dependent on a few key players in the body:

– Your stress response
– Your blood sugar
– Your liver
– Your sleep

These are related.  Let’s look at them in order.

First, let’s talk about stress:

Who isn’t stressed these days?  Even toddlers are dealing with a lot of change and uncertainty!  But there’s a big difference between types of stress.

When we’re under short term stress, the brain sends out an alarm signal that triggers the release of adrenaline (our “fight-or-flight” hormone), norepinephrine, and cortisol.  Produced by your adrenal glands (tiny glands that perch on top of your kidneys), cortisol plays a role in many different functions — including your blood sugar, digestion, mood, and metabolism.

We meet the demand of the moment, the stress goes away, and we recover.  Perfect.

Long term stress, on the other hand, is greedy.

It keeps calling on you for more and more and more cortisol.  Stress turns your hormonal system into a non-stop cortisol factory.  So why is that bad for your sex life?

The raw material for cortisol and your sex hormones is the same!  Think about your body as a job site.  If you have only four bins of raw material, and that has to serve all hormone production, what happens when cortisol waltzes in and takes all of them?

When stress is hogging all the raw material for your hormones, no amount of soft music or sexy lingerie is going to take up the slack!

Take heart —  interfering with your zest for life, and your zest for sex, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Even if you don’t have a partner, your libido is an indicator of your basic vitality.  And that plays a big role in your ability to be productive and happy in your life.

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