Your sex life does NOT have to die a slow death with the passing of time.   A healthy libido is a measure of overall vitality, part of our zest for life.  So it’s an important indicator for general happiness.

In the last part of this series, we talked about how unrelenting stress hijacks your hormone production capacity.  If your body constantly needs to generate cortisol, it down-regulates the importance of sex hormones.  Alas for romance!

Under stress, it’s easy to turn to comfort eating.  For many of us, that means a craving for sweets.  Unfortunately, this can be a long slide into a bottomless pit.  And this is a place that our brains don’t serve us well!  Why?

Your brain needs glucose to survive – and, like any addict, it doesn’t care where it gets it.  Let’s say you eat a candy bar, which is a simple carbohydrate.  That’s going to hit your bloodstream and your brain FAST.  The problem is that your blood sugar level is going to CRASH just as fast.

This sets up a blood sugar level rollercoaster pattern: a big sugar spike, followed by a big energy drop and then a big time craving for more and more and more… that’s just about impossible to control.  And, sadly, here’s what can follow:

– intractable weight gain
– system-wide inflammation
– metabolic syndrome
– Type II diabetes
– weakened immunity
– early cognitive decline
– multiple conditions & complications

When I review a patient’s blood work, I look at their triglycerides and hemoglobin A1c before I look at their cholesterol.  Why?  Because out-of-control blood sugar is usually driving the train.  And priority one is: let’s get that back on track.

Getting off the rollercoaster can take some doing, but I promise you can do it.  There are lots of benefits: your waist line will whittle down, your brain will regain its edge, and  — major bonus — your energy and your sex life will perk up.

Ready to get your blood sugar back on an even keel?  Send me an email; I am happy to help.

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