What, you may ask, does your liver have to do with your love life?

It all comes down to what’s in your blood.  And your liver is the clean-up filter for your blood.

Basically, the liver’s job is to clean up toxins that either enter your body, or are the result of an over-stressed system.

Some stressors come from choices we make: a poor diet, excessive alcohol and tobacco use, over-use of over-the-counter or other medications.

We’re also exposed to environmental toxins from products we use.  Some come from the products we use on our skin — make-up is a big culprit here, alas — and some are carried in our air and water.  Even the packaging of food and other products can have an impact.

As if that weren’t enough, the liver also has to clean up the stress hormones we generate and do its best to manage the high levels of inflammation most of us are experiencing.

Remember this: high LDL levels are a direct measure of inflammation, but it’s not the LDL protein that’s the problem.  It’s the underlying factors driving the inflammation.  Let’s work on those.  It makes more sense than taking a medication whose side effects may just add to the problem.

In summary, the liver is subject to overwhelm, just like our emotions.  In fact, mood swings can definitely be a sign of liver overload.  So are digestive problems, general achiness, darker urine, fatigue, wakefulness around 3 am, and — you guessed it — lack of interest in or energy for your love life.

And, by golly, you deserve a great love life!  At the very least, you deserve abundant energy and vitality to enjoy your life.

If that’s not happening for you, let’s fix it!  Call me; I’d love to help.

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