It’s been a loooong six months since Covid first hit our shores — and Covid-fatigue has definitely set in.  Sadly, there’s no quick end to the virus in sight.  But there is a lot that you can do to maintain your immune defenses in tiptop shape.

It always pays to cover the basics, so let’s start there:

– Take breaks! Don’t let stress build up too long.  Stress saps your immune defenses.
– Exercise boosts your immune defenses, but short exercise bursts built into your day are easier and more effective than longer workouts (See our Movement Moment series for ideas).
– When in doubt, take a walk: time in nature is calming & energizing.
– Get a good night’s sleep: it “primes” your immune system’s T-cells and natural killer cells, and allows your body to do ongoing repairs and detoxification.
– Try not to rely too much on caffeine, and stay hydrated.  Did you know? Green tea supports micro-circulation and your immune system.
– Keep the junk food to the most minimal level you can.  The main defense-sappers are fast food, processed & packaged foods, especially those prepared with vegetable oils and partially hydrogenated oils.  Olive and coconut oils are healthy fats, so no problem there.
– Starchy, high-carbohydrate and flour-based foods.  If you feel tired after eating, that’s a sign of inflammation.  It’s usually caused by an insulin surge.
– Concentrated and processed sugars will put your blood sugar on a pro-inflammatory roller coaster and weaken your immune capacity.  Candy, sweetened drinks, juices, and many desserts are the main culprits here.
– Eat as many vegetables and fruits as you can: make them your staples!
– Change up your plate: different vegetables offer different benefits. (See our Restorative Recipe series for ideas.)
– Clean protein and healthy fats will keep you energized, and help curb cravings.
– Did you know? Chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture treatments boost your overall well-being and your immune function!
– Love the ones you’re with; stay in touch with distant friends and family.  We all need an understanding listener when life seems like too much.

Don’t forget your body’s ammunition: you need your immune SWAT team to be well-equipped.  Here are your team players:

– Vitamins C and A
– Full spectrum B vitamins
– Vitamin D — optimal level is at least 50; if you haven’t been tested lately, or don’t know what your last test said, call our office.  We can help with testing and supplementation.
– Macro & trace minerals — critical factors here are calcium, magnesium, and especially zinc!  Did you know?  Low zinc levels are responsible for the loss of smell and taste experienced in Covid cases.
– Pre- and probiotics — your gut and lungs are in a loving and mutually supportive relationship!  The gut microbiome helps your lungs and protective mucous layers fight off invaders.
– Essential fatty acids (Omega 3 fish oils)
– Superfoods like garlic, ginger, turmeric and medicinal mushrooms
– Bitter greens & immune-supporting herbs

This may seem like a lot to navigate.  Don’t panic, or give in to overwhelm.  You probably don’t need everything on this list.  And there are ways to multi-task, so you cover the essentials with just a few key items.

Strategic supplementation can make a huge impact on your ability to repel viruses, including influenza and Covid-19, without breaking your budget!  Remember, though, that not all supplements are created equal.   Quality is always cheaper in the long run — and prevention is definitely cheaper than a hospital bill.

Like some help figuring out what you need, and what you don’t?  I’m happy to help.  Call us to schedule a virtual visit, or an in-office appointment.

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