One of the most terrifying aspects of the coronavirus pandemic has been the uncertainty about the lifespan of the virus on physical objects.  We now know a lot about the primary mechanism of transmission via respiratory droplets.  But there’s still a lot of uncertainty and fear about other mechanisms.

Scientists have been working furiously on all aspects of CoV-2, and there are some helpful results of their research.   We’ve cited the relevant studies below.  If you’d like the detailed bottom line, here it is!


Here’s what you really need to know:

Heat inactivates the CoV-2 strain on physical surfaces.  The higher the heat, the shorter the amount of time required to render the virus.

Amongst the many benefits of infrared sauna is its ability to reach the sterilizing temperatures required to destroy viral particles.

Our infrared sauna does just that.

Our procedure before and after each patient exceeds the temperatures and times needed to kill the virus on physical surfaces.

So you can safely enjoy the many benefits of infrared without worry.


Here’s the data on what levels of high heat and time are required.  A representative study says this:

“In order to kill COVID-19, heat virus-containing objects for:
– 3 minutes at temperatures above 75°C (160°F)
– 5 minutes at temperatures above 65°C (149°F)
– 20 minutes at temperatures above 60°C (140°F)

“We provide a reasonable estimate for near complete thermal destruction of coronavirus.  For temperatures above 65°C (149°F) is expected to cause near complete inactivation with exposures of greater than 3 minutes… At these levels, we expect the viral concentration to be lowered by log 5 – 7, near or below the detectable level.”

Our infrared sauna reaches 170°F – the best thermal performance available.  We run the sauna for 20 minutes between each use, well above the guidelines cited in the studies.

Now you can relax and enjoy the multiple health benefits of infrared:
– Immune system up-regulation
– Longevity enhancement
– Detoxification
– Pain & inflammation relief
– Cardiovascular support
– Weight loss
– Collagen production

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