We have a unique and beautiful national holiday that’s simply about giving thanks.

It’s a chance to celebrate the seasonal harvest: the turkey, the fall vegetables, the cranberries, as well as to give thanks for our circle of friends, family, and neighbors both near and far.

Each of us has a personal harvest to celebrate as well: the  growth we’ve achieved, the obstacles we’ve overcome, the joys and sorrows we’ve lived.  Whatever the year has yielded, we have an official opportunity to reflect and give thanks.

This year, I am especially moved by the fragile beauty that surrounds us — the trees, the sky, the land that sustains us all – and, as always, grateful for the opportunity to be of service both in my practice and in my life.

Wherever you are, however briefly our paths may have crossed, please accept my thanks for being part of our mutual human journey, and for walking your walk everyday.  May your harvest of gratitude always be plentiful, and may your Thanksgiving dinner be plentiful too!


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