Even in the depths of winter, a rosemary bush will give you leaves packed with flavor.  (I also like to put a sprig in my clothes drawer, so I get a little hit of summer all year long.)

This recipe can be scaled up, and will work with just about any cut of chicken.  For a whole roast bird, put a quartered lemon in the cavity, along with the garlic and rosemary.

For two chicken thighs:

1. Preheat the oven to 375°.

2. Peel and coarsely chop 2–3 cloves of garlic.

3. Put in a baking dish with 1–2 Tb. olive oil.

4. Slice one half of a lemon; squeeze the juice out of the remaining half into the dish.

5. Pull the leaves off of a 1–2“ rosemary sprig, and add to the dish.

6. Put the chicken thighs in the dish; turn them over once or twice to coat them with the flavorings.

7. Bake them skin side up (even if they’re skinned) with the lemon slices on top.  About 30–35 minutes should cook them through.

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