Life is beautiful, and it’s great to be alive.  But we can’t let ourselves be blind to the fact that we live in a tough and dirty world, and it’s hard on our bodies and our health.  We get exposed to toxins in two ways:

1. what comes at us from our environment, including what’s on our skin
2. what we bring inside, as food and liquid

Let’s take a look at the top culprits, and what you can do to minimize their impact on you and your family.

Common Toxin Sources

Body care & cosmetics

Look for unscented products with few ingredients (see for product ratings on cosmetics and other products)

Food storage containers

Glass or metal is best; thin, “crinkly” plastic is worst

Processed food products

Shop the edges of the market; avoid products with long or un-pronounceable ingredient lists

Industrialized food production

Buy organic when you can (see for the Clean Fifteen/Dirty Dozen shopping guide); support local organic farmers


Use an air filter in your room

Unfiltered water

Invest in a whole house filter if you can; a 10 stage at-the-tap water filter is a great, inexpensive solution

Household cleaning products

Old-fashioned cleaning products work great, and many can be made at home; brands like Mrs. Meyers or Seventh Generation are easily available and price competitive

New clothing

Wash any new garment before wearing it

Dry cleaning

Don’t store dry cleaning in the plastic bag; let it air out thoroughly before putting it in your closet or on your body

Bedding and household linens

Air out new bedding for as long as you can before sleeping on it; wash all linens before using

Lawn & garden chemicals

Minimize their use, and wear a mask when applying

Building materials

You can’t do much about these, but it’s always smart to let any product air out as much as possible before using, and open your windows once a week to let fresh air circulate

Common Toxic Triggers


Our biggest addiction, and a major contributor to all chronic lifestyle conditions, including heart disease


Very destructive to gut wall integrity, and arguably at the root of the auto-immune epidemic


Not problematic for some, but moderation with dairy is advisable for all


Unless organically grown, generally highly toxic


Unless organic


Moderate use is not a problem for most people, but very taxing for your liver

Testing can reveal which of these are of most concern for a particular person.

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