As we all know by now, a vaccine dose provokes an immune response.  You really do want your immune system to be able to use that response effectively.  To do that, it needs to be functioning reasonably well — and that largely depends on what you give it to work with.  I’ve written elsewhere about how to give your immune system the raw materials and support it needs to protect you.  For a quick “refresher” on simple measures you can easily take, click here.

What you might not think to consider is the role of your liver.  Here’s the thing: like any pharmaceutical product, a vaccine ultimately has to be cleared by your body’s detoxification pathways.  For an overview of your detox team, click here.

The team captain is really your liver, though, so let’s look at how you can support it.  At the most simple level, every healthy lifestyle choice you make is going to help you here — so bravo for what you’re doing already!

I would strongly recommend you emphasize some simple measures while your liver is being called into overtime.  Start asap before you get the first dose, and continue for at least 2 weeks after the second dose.  Here’s what you can do:


Strengthen your basic game:

– Make sure you’re getting enough sleep

– Cross extra demands off your agenda: de-stress as much as you possibly can

– Get regular, gentle exercise, but don’t embark upon a demanding training program

– Eat healthy whole foods as your primary diet, and make sure you’re getting good fats and clean proteins

– For now, leave out pork products and shellfish

– Eliminate or massively reduce:

– Highly processed convenience foods

– This includes catsup, commercial dressings, relishes, etc.

– Junk foods & sodas

– Sugar

– Alcohol

– You’re okay with an occasional glass of wine, but be sparing

– Gluten

– Sadly, many “gluten-free” products are highly processed and not healthy

– Dairy

– Rule of thumb: no white stuff (bread, pasta, potatoes) and (I know, I’m sorry) no pizza

– Lots of water!

– Start the day with warm lemon water to jumpstart your liver for the day

– Make sure your Vitamin D level is at least 50 – 60

– Take a good quality mineral supplement to ensure you have adequate zinc


Call in the heavy hitters. These are great anytime!

– Beets, always great for liver/gallbladder

– The cruciferous vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, kale, collards

– Spanish black radish, and radishes in general – these are very cleansing.  (See Radishes for the Rest of Us)


You won’t go wrong with these actions anytime!

A final note: as with any vaccine, there are concerns about the efficacy and safety of the current crop of vaccines against SARS CoV-2.  I’m not going to address those here, except to say everyone should be insisting on transparency to the public about the contents and impact of any vaccine, as well as its timing.  That’s a public health dialogue worth having, and I hope we get there.

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