There may not be any happier news in a family than the announcement of a welcome pregnancy.  And a happy, healthy baby is probably the greatest gift a family can receive.  Getting to that point can be a hard road, though, and that’s the case for increasing numbers of women.

What’s driving the increasing rate of miscarriages and inability to conceive that we’ve seen over the last 30 years?  We’re also seeing higher rates of babies born with chronic conditions: allergies, auto-immune disorders, asthma, as well as higher rates of neurological conditions like autism.  What’s up?

No one simple answer explains this.  There are some threads to follow, though.  

– Blood sugar stability
– Adrenal status: stress-handling capacity
– Thyroid function: metabolic rate
– Digestive potency & microbiome health
– Gut wall integrity  
– Environmental exposure to hormone-disrupting substances  
– Liver’s ability to clear toxins
– Brain health
– And more…

The truth is this: 
Everything in the body is inter-connected, and multiple factors are going to play into our overall health or less-than-health.  

The good news is this:
We never go wrong when we address fundamentals first.

Here’s an example:
If I see a patient who’s having trouble conceiving, I’m going to look at blood sugar as one of the big drivers for overall system dysregulation.  And it might surprise you to learn that all of the following symptoms can be linked to insulin dominance:

– Hair loss or thinning
– Facial hair growth
– Acne
– Reduction in breast size
– Irregular or missing menstrual cycle
– Yo-yo pattern of sugar cravings
– Low energy 
– Stubborn weight gain, especially around the mid-section

This doesn’t mean we don’t look at the whole picture, or that I don’t want to look at female hormone levels across the whole cycle.  But just like you’d take your car in for a tune-up before you head off on a cross-country road trip, you want your body in prime shape for a healthy pregnancy.

If we take care of the groundwork first, it’s a whole lot easier to get where we want to go.  So if you’re experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, don’t neglect them.  They’re important markers for your overall health, even if you aren’t hoping to conceive.

If you are trying to conceive, let’s get these barriers out of your way!
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