Who hasn’t had the unfortunate experience of letting loose some gas or a big belch in company?  Definitely not your favorite memory!

Heavy meals and rich snacks will definitely push any digestive issues to the forefront of your awareness.  And that’s not a bad thing…   After all, we can’t address what we’re not aware of.

So let’s take a deeper look at the top symptoms of digestive dysfunction.

# 1 – Belching / Burping
# 2 – Bloating
# 3 – Gas “Smelly or not, here it comes!”
# 4 – Burning / Acid Reflux

Let’s talk first about #1.  This can happen occasionally, or it can happen on a daily basis.  Either way, we have to do some detective work to figure out what’s going on.

Dr. Google will tell you it’s usually caused by air swallowed while eating or drinking too quickly.  That’s not the whole story.  Here are some of the other possible players behind your big burp!

– Food intolerances
– An over-taxed gallbladder (your gallbladder helps digest fats — important!)
– An inflamed pancreas
– Irritated upper digestive tract (gastritis)
– Acid reflux / GERD

If you suspect one or more of these situations may be causing problems for you, please don’t assume “It’s nothing.”, or “It’ll go away on its own.”  There’s an easy self-assessment test you can do at home, that can give you at least one piece of the puzzle.

Take the self-assessment here!

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