We’ve all had that experience: you get to the end of a meal and realize, my waistband is feeling waaay too snug!  This is very likely to happen at the holidays, when the array of foods on offer is super tasty and super tempting.

A tight waistband once or twice a year from overindulging is not a problem.  BUT.  Bloating is a sign that your digestion is over-loaded, and this is definitely not good.  Your body’s always talking, so let’s take a listen to the bloating message.

Where are you bloating?

Above or at the waist?

– It may seem obvious, but this is an upper digestion problem – and it’s significant.  It means your stomach is having trouble breaking down your food.  This is going to compromise everything that happens lower down.  This is an ASAP issue.

– Need a short term patch?  You can try taking a little organic apple cider vinegar with your meals.  If that’s helpful, it’s useful information for figuring out why your stomach isn’t able to do its job properly.

Below the waist?

– You guessed it: this is a lower gut problem.  Might be small intestine, might be large intestine, might be both. This part of the gut is where you absorb nutrients; it’s also the site of a lot of serious gut dysfunction.  So bloating here can be an early warning sign of serious trouble ahead.

– The short term patch?  You can take probiotics.  Bear in mind, that a) not all probiotics are created equal, and b) they only work while you continue to take them.  You need to work on the underlying problem with your gut flora and/or your gut lining.  Left unaddressed, this can really ruin your life.

Finally, when are you bloating?

Right after you eat?  Or when you lie down?

– The “when” doesn’t change anything outlined above.  But if the bloating happens when you lie down, you do have a couple of options.

– Short term patch: try a heating pad on your tummy.  You can also try a cup of hot ginger or chamomile tea, both helpful for your digestion.

In closing…  Your gut is at the center of your life.  Problems here are a big deal.  Don’t  think they will magically get better on their own.  Get some help.

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