Sadly, it looks like we may be buckling up for another wild winter ride with Covid-19.  It’s the unwelcome guest that doesn’t want to leave – just when everyone is tired of wearing masks and taking precautions.  It’s a proven fact that masks and hand-washing help keep everyone safe, though, so keep up the good work!

Whatever your vaccination status, extra insurance is smart, smart, smart!  Here are some effective formulas that can give your immune system the edge it needs for the winter season, aka the Immune Support Hit Parade

Any of these will help marshal your defenses, and they’re all 10% off through the end of January.  Call now to arrange pickup! 410-832-8888 or

Andrographis Complex (MediHerb)

Andrographis Complex contains Andrographis, Echinacea and Holy Basil to support normal immune system function.

Bio-Immunozyme Forte (Biotics)

A broad-spectrum formula that supports healthy immune function. Provides comprehensive vitamin, mineral, botanical, amino acid and organ/glandular support.

Cataplex A-C (Standard Process)

Cataplex A-C, an excellent source of antioxidant vitamins A & C, helps support immune system function & maintain healthy cells.

Immune Support Packs (Biotics)

Immune Support Packs contain a comprehensive selection of nutrients designed to support the body’s natural immune response. Each packet includes key immune-supportive ingredients from nine synergistic products.

Immuno-gG SBI (Biotics)

Immuno-gG SBI is a dairy-free immunoglobulin concentrate formula that supports healthy digestion and immune function. This purified source of immunoglobulin G (IgG) is free of lactose, casein and β-lactoglobulins.

Immuplex (Standard Process)

Immuplex blends essential micronutrients and minerals as well as Protomorphogen™ and Cytosol™ extracts to support the immune system.

Viranon (MediHerb)

Viranon is an immune support formula containing Thuja, St John’s Wort and Licorice.  These herbs have been traditionally used to help maintain and support healthy immune system function, regulation, and response.

UltraVir-X (Biotics)

UltraVir-X provides key vitamins and specific minerals, combined with a proprietary complement of botanical compounds possessing immuno-modulating properties. It offers unique supplemental support for normal, healthy immune function.

Any of these products will help safeguard you and your loved ones.  Call or email us to reserve yours for pickup! 410-832-8888 or

Note: As always, we are closed the week after Christmas.  But you will be able to pick up your supplement order during that week with 24 hours notice.

With all best wishes,

Dr. Margaret Winters, DC

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