We tend to take our brains for granted. But this can be a short-sighted strategy, and one that costs us dearly. Consider these common, everyday situations:

  • You catch yourself searching for a word, but it’s not coming to the surface…
  • You can’t focus, or learn the way you need to….
  • You’ve watched a family member start to lose their ability to navigate the world…
  • You’ve played contact sports, or been involved in a motor vehicle accident…
  • You don’t sleep well, or you have acid reflux…
  • You have diabetes, or can’t get through the afternoon without a energy boost from sweets…

Each of these scenarios carries a warning for our future brain health, and increase our risk for early cognitive decline. And many of us have one or more of these risk factors in our health history.

But risk factors are not your destiny!  You can improve your brain. There are three dimensions to protecting and enhancing your brain:

 1. Diet & individualized supplementation
2. Movement, exercise & progressive brain challenges
3. Sleep, stress management & a centered spirit

Brain Boost addresses these three aspects of brain-body health.  The first step is measuring your baseline:

  • How well is your brain really working right now? We use a combination of blood and cognitive tests to measure things like your brain’s processing speed, how inflamed you are, etc.
  • How well are you doing on key markers for healthy longevity?  We’ll look at your most recent blood work, plus do some functional tests in the office.
  • What are the first priorities in moving the needle for you?  Let’s say we identify five areas that need to be addressed. That may not be practical, so you and I will pick the top two or three that make the most sense for you.

60 Days to a Better Brain

Your baseline measurements give us a basis to design a 60-day program specifically for you.  Each Friday over the next eight weeks, you’ll receive:

  1. A weekly dietary outline, tailored to your life and schedule
  2. Progressive movement challenges to integrate into your daily routine
  3. Brain challenges & restorative techniques to build body-brain resilience
  4. A weekly check-in by phone

Halfway through, we’ll meet in the office to check progress and make any adjustments needed to keep you moving forward.   At the end of the eight weeks, we’ll repeat the initial testing, and then celebrate the progress you’ve made!

We truly do depend on our brain for everything we do, so it’s smart to be proactive.  Brain Boost is a straightforward, science-based program that gives you the tools you need for lifetime brain-body health.  

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