First Visit & Parking 

What you can expect on your first visit

Please allow 60-75 minutes for your first visit.  We will review your history in depth, perform appropriate tests, and make a high level plan to meet your current concerns.  If x-rays are needed, we will try to fit them in on this first visit.

The information we review together helps me to understand the challenges you face, and will be the basis of a custom tailored plan for your care.  This is very valuable time, so please complete all the new patient forms before you arrive, and please be on time.  Otherwise we may need to reschedule.

In most cases, we do not adjust on the first visit.  There are many reasons for this policy but most importantly, we believe it is crucial to provide a complete examination, and have adequate time to review all findings before a patient begins care.  This is in your best interest and helps ensure that the care provided is individualized to your specific needs. 

On rare occasions, based on patient needs and what Dr. Winters deems clinically appropriate, patients may be treated on their first visit to our office. This may include spinal adjustments, physical therapies, and/or soft tissue therapies.

Communication is always key.  I will do my very best to be of service to you.  I hope you will feel comfortable expressing any concerns you may have and giving me any feedback that will help me better serve you and other patients.


Parking Information 

Visitor Parking is available along the driveway side of the building and by the handicapped entrance at the rear of the building.  These spaces are unfortunately limited.  If you cannot find a Visitor Parking space, please do NOT park in a numbered space in the parking lot behind the building, as your car is very likely to be towed.  There is metered parking on Chesapeake Avenue and the cross streets flanking the Presbyterian Church across the street from our building.

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