Functional Medicine

Restoring Functional Health in Greater Baltimore

Auto-immune conditions like Hashimoto’s, stubborn resistance to weight loss, pre-menstrual and post-menopausal difficulties, premature and preventable brain degeneration… these are all heart-breakingly common.  Constipation, acid reflux, leaky gut, Alzheimer’s and diabetes are rampant, and symptom-masking drugs are not getting to the roots of the problem.

The longer your body is under metabolic stress, the more consequences for your health and happiness.  To restore true functional health, we have to uncover the hidden stressors behind the symptoms.

We review your current condition, health history and lab results, then do a detailed exam to determine what factors are the most important for you.  If we need to drill down with more detailed testing, we’ll do that.

Making dietary and lifestyle changes can be difficult.  Our job is to support you with a plan that is practical, manageable, and one step at a time.

You can’t heal on a nutrient-poor diet.  You also can’t heal if your good diet can’t be absorbed, and used to build a strong and healthy structure.

The nutritional supplements we use and recommend are rigorously tested and based on years of research.  Most are only available to healthcare practitioners.  The majority of them are based on natural and organic whole foods which are easily absorbed, unlike synthetic manufactured vitamins.

When we support and encourage your body’s dynamic power to heal and self-regulate, it liberates your energy, and the ability to be effective in your life.  Restoring your gut and immune system, supporting your hormones (regardless of your age), and protecting your brain enable you to live the robust and happy life you are meant to enjoy.

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