Movement & Ergonomics

Movement and Ergonomic Retraining in Greater Baltimore

We have astonishing physical abilities.  All of us have learned to do very complex things without thinking about it at all.  Movements we do over and over again become unconscious habits.

But practice doesn’t produce perfection.  Practice makes permanent.  Unfortunately, we have a lot of practice learning movement patterns that wear us down and ultimately wear us out.  Just think of your posture at a computer, or texting on your phone.  It’s no wonder that we develop chronic neck or back pain.

Pain gets our attention, but pain is never the root of a problem.  It’s an urgent request for change – and a call to action.

Reprogramming your movement patterns gives you a new mastery of your body.  It wakes up your brain, and releases physical energy that’s stuck and stagnant.  This is fun work, that repays you over and over.

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