Our Process

Initial Dialogue

On your first visit, we’ll talk about what brings you here, and review your history in depth.  This helps educate me about you, and lets us get to know each other.  The goal is to 1) discover / develop ideas about the potential causes of your current concerns 2) to decide if we want to work together 3) to identify functional milestones that matter to you.

Assess, Test and Reassess

The working process is really to ask questions.  These might be functional or movement-based: is your pelvis moving freely?  Is your diaphragm allowing your lungs to fill up when you breathe?  Chiropractic adjustments are a different kind of question: is this really a low back problem, or should we be looking at your feet as well?  And we look at nutrition, both to see if you have the resources you need to heal, and to correct imbalances that create limitations or discomfort for you.  As you progress, we ask more specific questions that can lead us to better answers.  

Checkpoints / Interim Dialogue

This is where we ask: Are we making progress?  Are we missing something?  Can we do better?  Have we satisfied your initial concerns?  Is there more to do?  Here we measure your progress against the goals we set at the outset.  If we’re happy with the outcome, you and I work together on a plan and program that will keep you well in the future.  

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