PEMF Therapy

PEMF Therapy in Greater Baltimore

Great River Chiropractic & Whole Body Health is proud to offer PEMF therapy. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy is a powerful, non-invasive therapy that can amplify and support the body’s ability to recover from multiple conditions. Using a device that produces electromagnetic waves at different wavelengths, it stimulates the body’s natural recovery process by increasing energy at the cellular level.

“Maintaining the function of every individual cell at an optimal level every day is an important part of slowing aging.”

– William Pawluk, MD, MSc.

When is PEMF therapy helpful? What can it do for you?

Relieve Pain – Pain is always a request for change, and generally means we have some critical healing to do. Healing requires energy – and PEMF increases cellular energy.

Improve Circulation – When your circulation stagnates, you are enabling disease states. This is especially important in chronic conditions, when the capacity of the circulatory system to remove cellular debris is compromised.

Enhance Athletic Performance – When we ask our bodies to perform at a higher level, we pull higher levels of energy from our reserves. Of course we need to eat (and digest) nutrient-dense foods to support that demand; we also need to up-regulate our cells’ ability to produce energy.

Support Mental Focus & Clarity – Our brains are the New York City of the body: they pull a lot of power from the grid. PEMF supports the energy generating capacity of our cells, so we can think more clearly.

Promote Restful Sleep – Many factors influence the quality of our sleep; using PEMF along with supporting your normal circadian rhythm has a beneficial, synergistic effect.

Boost Immune Function – A large part of our complex immune response is dependent on the single cell layer lining the gut. PEMF helps ensure that critical cell layer works as it should.

Accelerate Cellular Repair – Repair demands more energy, more efficient circulation and more resources than simply maintaining the status quo. PEMF turns up the energy-building cellular mechanism and enhances circulation.

Optimize Healing – Time spent in recovery from illness or pain is time that we could better spend in enjoying life. Using PEMF to heal faster and better lets you devote your energy and your focus to living your best life.

How does it work?

“When you consider that most of the fluids in the body are actually electrolytes, it is easy to see that the body is like a large battery, producing current and occasionally needing recharging.”
– William Pawluk, MD, MSc

All cells need energy to function. Because energy is electromagnetic, nothing in the body can happen without an electromagnetic exchange between our cells. Our bodies have both magnetic polarity and electric charge, which are always in a relationship. A changing magnetic field generates an electric field and a changing electric field generates a magnetic field.

This electromagnetic energy is truly vital. It’s involved in every one of the biochemical reactions we depend on. This energy is the fuel that enables us to breathe, digest our food, mount an immune defense against invaders, or repair any kind of damage.

Disruption of our cells’ ability to create this energy causes impaired cell metabolism. This impaired cell metabolism degrades the ability of cells, tissues, organs, and the body as a whole to function normally – let alone optimally.

PEMF therapy up-regulates the capacity of our cells to make energy in the form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), our basic unit of energy transfer between cells. When ATP levels are low, our cells can’t heal, regenerate, or function properly. PEMF causes an increase in the motion of ions and electrolytes, which enables cells to increase their energy (or charge) by up to 500%.

How long does it take?


That depends on how deep-seated and complex a condition you have. Like all therapies, PEMF works best when we have a chance to address a problem early in its life cycle. It also works best when it’s part of a whole body approach to restoring health.

The bottom line? For a healthy body, you need healthy cells. Contact us to explore what PEMF can do for you.  

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