What people are saying

Neck/ Shoulders/ Hip Pain

“Dr Winters is a very caring person, who takes all your health issues into consideration when treating you. I have been treated by her for more than 2 years and my arthritis in my neck and shoulder areas are really under control. I highly recommend speaking with her about how she can help you and your family.”


“Dr. Winter’s successfully treated my neck, shoulder and hip pain in one session with only gentle pressure and percussion. After the treatment, I was pain free and felt more grounded, balanced and emotionally calm.”


“I came to Great River Chiropractic because of recurring, severe pain in my left hip. I could not sleep, walk or sit for very long. I found Dr. Winters to be totally receptive to my concerns as she listed carefully and attentively. I could feel she was committed to returning me to my active lifestyle.
Dr. Winters’ Atlas approach is simple, efficient and effective. After one visit, my pain had diminished 75% and was 95% less after two visits. After three visits, I was virtually pain free and have remained that way. This is the best chiropractic service I have received in 20 years.”


“Prior to seeing Dr. Winters, my neck and shoulders felt like they were in a vise grip. I had very limited range of motion. Now, I am vise grip free! My range of motion is excellent. I couldn’t be happier.”



“I’ve been a patient for 10 years and I’m thankful for Dr. Winters keeping my atlas in place. This has made a difference with fibromyalgia and quality of life.”



“I was sent to Dr. Winters when the temporo-mandibular dental specialist found that I had a subluxation of the cervical spine. I have been seeing Dr. Winters to improve both the issues with my neck and my posture. She has given me several adjustments and exercises to do.
The time between visits has increased and… I am doing well.”


Headaches / Migraines

“I was having 3 or 4 cluster headaches a day – very painful. The specialist could only prescribe narcotic pain relievers. Two visits to Dr. Winters totally solved the pain. I haven’t had any headache of any kind since; that was 23 months ago.”


“A neck injury from over 12 years ago rendered me unable to turn my head all the way to the left. After 2 visits with Dr. Winters, this has been almost completely resolved. Despite all the other chiropractic care I’ve received, the mobility would always be lost within a few days of adjustment. Not with Dr. Winters – this is treatment that sticks.


“I first started having migraines as a teenager, and would have one at least every two weeks. Since I’ve been seeing Dr. Winters, I rarely have migraines and they are not nearly as bad. Now when I have a headache, the atlas orthogonal adjustment takes care of it.”


“When I went in to see Dr. Winters I was very sick. A year ago I was diagnosed with a serious brain illness that was triggered in part due to a host of medications I was taking. I was so tired of being failed by the traditional approach to finding wellness and healing that I decided to see Dr. Winters instead. Although my insurance didn’t cover it, paying out of pocket was well worth it. Since I started seeing her around 9 months ago, my severe health issues have melted away and I have begun living normally again. I’m so grateful for her and the compassion she had for me. I love all the girls that assist her there as well. They are all so kind and the office is a wonderful and relaxing place to be.”


“Thank you so much for the care you gave me in my acute neck pain last month. You went way beyond the call of duty in the attention to detail and the time you took to help me become more functional. Given the understanding you shared with me, I would like to now work with a chiropractor here at home who has similar training to yours. In the past, many of the issues you pointed out were never mentioned, even though I have been using chiropractors for the last 30 years.”


Spinal Fusion

“For years I have always been looking for relief from the pain in my spine. Well, I have finally found it with the help from Dr. Winters.”



“Since coming (to Dr. Winters), I can now walk with my head up and look at the sky without falling or getting dizzy.


Chronic Digestive Problems

“I started working with Dr. Margaret Winters in June of 2009. I was experiencing chronic bowel issues. Through regular visits and changes to my diet, I am now healthy and balanced.”


Back Pain

“On a friend’s recommendation, I began seeing Dr. Winters about six weeks ago. I was frankly shocked when, after just two treatments, my back pain was significantly better. Today, after 8 treatments, my back pain is almost gone and my neck stiffness significantly reduced. I’ve gone from persistent, if bearable, pain to just and occasional twinge brought on by specific movements or postures.
Prior to Dr. Winters’ thorough initial evaluation, no one had ever taken a holistic look at the way my body moved, or didn’t move. By treating me from that holistic perspective, she’s given me results I simply didn’t expect — an almost pain-free back and more fluid movement overall. With a few more visits focused on rehabilitation exercises, I expect to be completely pain-free someday soon.
On a side note, it’s been fascinating to see how my habitual movements have changed now that I’m in better alignment. Sometimes you don’t realize something is wrong until it’s not wrong anymore.”


“Before I came to Great River, I could barely walk and I could only stand for 2 or 3 minutes. After 5 visits, I am walking blocks instead of steps and I can stand long periods of time without any back pain. I have been to chiropractors in the past but none of them did as thorough an evaluation or were as gentle as Dr. Winters.”


“I truly believe (Dr. Winters) helped me more than anyone else, and solved 20 years of neck and back problems.


“Nothing was giving me lasting relief until I went to Great River Chiropractic. Dr. Winter was thorough, not only in the consultation and evaluation, but also in her treatment plan – addressing everything contributing to my neck and back pain, including my car seat and office chair, my bed pillow, (and) problems with my feet.

She was a great resource for finding what I needed and referring me to other specialists. She was always conscientious and timely in providing me with information requested by my insurance company. Dr. Winters is an excellent clinician and a delightful and caring person. I am no longer in pain, thanks to Dr. Winters.


Overall Health

“Great experience with Dr Winters. I have been going to her for less than a month and I have seen great improvement in my overall health.The receptionist is also very friendly and always has a smile on her face. I truly enjoy this office. If you are looking for an amazing Chiropractor don’t hesitate to give her a call.”


“Dr. Winters came highly recommended and I saw her when I was having significant pain. She is highly skilled and intuitive, and I have improved significantly under her care. She is recommended highly!”


“Dr. Winters was my first chiropractic experience so I really did not know what to expect. My consult turned out to be extremely educational and enlightening. My only wish is that I could continue with Dr. Winters for follow-up treatment (I am in Boston). I highly, recommend Dr. Winters whether you are new to chiropractic or not.”


“Dr. Winters has helped me to stay on course and supported me along my complicated healing journey for almost 5 years. She understands that the whole body must be addressed for optimal healing. By incorporating leading edge science in chiropractic techniques (Atlas Orthogonal), gentle & effective manual adjustments, musculoskeletal movement exercise(s) balanced with whole food nutritional supplements (Standard Process/MediHerb) and anyadditional methods required and INSPIRED by a patient’s needs, a Plan of Care designedto address your specific needs is created. As we change, our Plan of Care will change too. She keeps this in mind always and ensuresyou will receive the best of care at every appointment! She will never give up on you! Thank You Dr. Winters!”


“A wonderful experience. I have pain on a chronic basis and after two visits to Great River my pain level was significantly decreased and has remained so. Hurray!”


“Dr. Winters helped me control the pain and discomfort I’d experienced my entire adult life, after finding little success through numerous other chiropractors and conventional practitioners. She is truly a master of her technique, and offers more than just “the adjustment,” which had been my previous with other upper cervical specialists. She treated me in accordance with my own (sometimes irrational) personal preferences, and went out of her way to find the best strategy for taking care of my complex case.

To be clear, Dr. Winters specializes in a very specific type of chiropractic, which she performs as close to perfection as any human possibly could. But because of the breadth of her knowledge, her extensive professional network, and her tireless pursuit of positive outcomes for her patients, I don’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking relief.”



“For years I have watched myself in the mirror at the gym while doing bicep curls. I used to laugh at how my left elbow was higher than my right, and just assumed it was because bodies aren’t completely symmetrical. I also knew that my left arm fatigued long before my right, but assumed that was because my right arm was stronger from carrying my children. Apparently I was wrong on both counts. Shortly after visiting Dr. Winters I was at the gym and suddenly noticed that now my elbows were at exactly the same height. And both arms were fatiguing at the same rate. I was amazed. To think that for all those years I’d been THAT out of alignment was hard to believe, but I could see the proof with my own eyes. Add body balance to all the other benefits I’ve seen from my work with Dr. Winters and it adds up to one giant Thank you!!!”


“Dr. Winters is just fabulous. Her adjustments are very gentle but make a huge difference in our lives. I play a ton of tennis and she has really helped me recover from any injuries very quickly. She also has been a tremendous help to both of my teenage athletes. I highly recommend her to help with all your aches and pains.


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